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Once you are an AmeriLife Direct valued agent-partner, this is a solemn pledge we make:

 “AmeriLife Direct and its staff will never knowingly cross-sell any of the clients you refer for any other product lines or services.  In fact, if any of your referral clients later contact AmeriLife Direct for any other products, we will graciously and promptly collect the information from them and pass the request directly to you.  We believe the original referral agent should be the one to revisit with such clients and make the sale.  As always, the AmeriLife Direct staff is here to help you and your clients with any questions about policies purchased through the referral program.  That means no service work for you!”

Check Out: Medicare Sales Referral Program Agents Guide.
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Note:  For agent use only.  Terms and conditions may apply.  Not all products may be available in your state.  Not affiliated with the U.S. government or federal Medicare program.